5 Myths People Believe About Creativity

Myth #1:
I’m not creative.

 If you’re human, you’re creative. You’ve been growing and learning since the day you were born. You know how to entertain new ideas, travel to places you’ve never visited before, solve problems, and say what you think. Those are basic elements of creative expression.  It doesn’t matter if you’re “left brain” (logical, objective) or “right brain” (intuitive, subjective). What matters is allowing your brain to do what it does best: learn new things.

Myth #2:
I don’t have artistic talent.

Self-deprecating thoughts like this and “I can’t draw a straight line” have enabled countless people to stop creative activities before they even start. Sure, some people have special talents. Let’s enjoy them while discovering our own! There are infinite ways to express yourself creatively: music, writing, dancing, drawing, painting, cooking, stand-up comedy – the list is endless. No more excuses!

Myth #3:
It’s too late for me to learn (or) It’s too late for me to be any good at it.

Regret is an ugly beast. Don’t let it get to you. Yes, maybe you could have continued drumming after junior high, or followed your passion to pastry school, or kept writing after that poetry class in college. And yes, you’d probably be very good at it by now. So what? One, two, five, or ten years from now you can be very good at something you know nothing about today. And you can enjoy it from Day One.

Myth #4:
I don’t have the time.

Your time is entirely your own.  It may not feel that way when you have others to care for, a demanding job, and little time to rest. But it’s a mistake to think that creativity demands more time than you have. Turn your attention toward doing something that calls to you. Promise yourself one hour a week to learn more about it. Creativity – like work – has a way of wiggling in to fill the space you make for it.

Myth #5:
There are more important things going on in the world.

Creativity is not an empty indulgence. The world needs us at our creative best to help solve the problems of inequality, poverty, hunger, war, and a troubled environment. When you get in touch with your creative side, you’ll open yourself to a larger community of others who share your interests. Your life will change – for the better. You’ll be in a better position to have a positive impact on the issues you care about. As people make changes, big and small, we help the world to change.

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Written By Jan

Jan thinks of herself as a creative dabbler, and loves trying out new materials and tools, especially sand, paper, fabric, and kathunkita machines*. Jan started out as a letterpress and offset printer, and gauges her happiness on how many things she can make happen each day. Her motto is “Try something new, it will change you, and when you change your life you can change the world.” With this philosophy she opened a walk-in art studio in 1996 that still serves as an incubator for new projects and products. Jan is a Certified Play Expert (CPE) and an MBA.