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Fun Facts About Sand

Fun Sand Fact#1 Did you know that several well-known artists have incorporated sand into their art? Vassily Kandinsky (known as the Father of Abstract Art) added sand to his oil paints for a brief period when he lived in Paris. (Artists Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso,...

Fun Facts About Valentines

Valentine’s Day. Think of it as a breather in the midst of winter, a time to say hello to friends, an excuse to send silly love messages, or the chance to spark a little romance. No one knows for sure how Valentine’s Day started – there are at least three legends...

The Magic of Decoupage

Here are six reasons why painting with paper can help you in these difficult days.

Art to Soothe the Savage Child

Art to Soothe the Savage Child

When four-and-a half year old Chloe gets cranky, her mother knows exactly what to do – bring out the sand art. “It’s like magic if she’s in a bad mood,” says mom Michelle of Bedford, MA. “It makes her feel better instantly.”

Sand Art: Adventures in a Child’s Mind

Sand Art: Adventures in a Child’s Mind

Approaching art as a story helps kids open up. Thinking about the animal or main character awakens children’s curiosity, helping them engage with the art on a more personal level. Making up a story enables children to relax and bring their daily experiences, along with their imaginations, into their art.