Five Easy Ways to Build Family Creativity

Daily routines often keep families too busy to make time for creative pursuits, but one easy way to spark creativity is simply to look at ordinary things in a different way. The following activities are great for awakening the senses and inspiring opportunities for sharing creative activities as a family.

1.) Explore

Treat every excursion as an adventure, even a trip to the supermarket. Keep your eyes open, both indoors and out. If you’re in a familiar place, imagine it’s your first time there. What you see will surprise you.

2.) Collect

Look for items that capture your imagination or delight you. They can range from a shell or a leaf to a bottlecap or postcard. These are meant for your Box of Interesting Things –something every member of the family should have – even moms and dads. Any container, even a shoebox, will do.

3.) Record

Keep a journal of your finds, noting the item, the date, the place in which you found it, and why you picked it up. Your notes can be jotted in a pocket notebook, scrawled on sheets of paper or even documented in a full-fledged scrapbook.

4.) Create

When it’s a rainy day or everyone is bored, dig into your Box of Interesting Things and see what you can make. Ideas include a collage or a “found art” mosaic to display for visual inspiration.

5.) Share

Start a “round robin” of artwork with your family or friends. Each person starts a work of art and passes it on to the next person to add his or her own touch. Keep it going until it returns to you, transformed! Take photos of your artwork and shared them via email or on Facebook.

Written By Drai

As a father of three, Drai is keenly aware of the challenges modern kids face with the temptations of technology and the lack of arts education in public schools. He is proud of the kits he helped develop with Creative Adventures as they have allowed his own family to explore creativity and connect through art and he is excited to help to bring those types of experiences to a broader audience through our kits.