Sand Art Introductory Kit – Wild Safari

As easy as paint-by-number. As original as you, the artist.

Here’s a way of sand painting that doesn’t require the mess of glue. It’s easy to learn the basics, and then move on to special effects like marbling and watercolor blending. Each sand art kit contains everything you need to make amazing sand art pictures that have favorite images that can be personalized to tell a story. Plus there is plenty of sand for even more pictures (see Companion Packs).


Product Details

Share with a friend! Great activity for a play date.

With Creative Adventures ® you decide what story you want to tell with your painting. Each picture starts with an outline of the main character – that’s all. You fill in the rest, creating the story from your imagination. Each picture becomes an original work of art created from your point of view.

With this kit, animal lovers of all ages can explore two of the world’s largest mammals. The elephant and the giraffe are fascinating to study and are fun to paint either in realistic ways or as fantasy creatures. Beginning artists will love to fill in the shapes and create basic backgrounds. Artists of all ages will add details that make their paintings come alive.

Hours of fun together. Every picture tells a story.

This sand art kit includes two design canvases (Elephant & Giraffe), 12 rainbow colors of sand, and easy to follow instructions. Create wall art, make gifts for grandparents, and send as greeting cards to friends