Preserving Your Sand Art

Your colored sand art project will last for a very long time if it is put on display so that it doesn’t get rubbed against or scratched. The adhesive itself hardens after exposure to the air. If you would like to further protect your painting here are two ways to do it.

Sand Art Sleeve

sleeve1You may use a clear sleeve over the painting when you display or mail it: slide the card into the sleeve with the front of the painting facing the flap.

Pull the strip off of the flap, fold it over the back and press in place to seal.

Protective Varnish

To make the art sand itself more difficult to scratch, dab on a protective varnish using a sponge brush. We recommend glossy Mod Podge™ because it doesn’t change the look of your painting when it dries.

Dab (don’t brush) a thin coat over the entire painting so that the surface looks white, but there are no puddles.

Let it dry on a flat surface for about an hour.

Put it in a frame

Most 5″ x 7″ picture frames will fit our sand art canvases nicely. Depending on the amount of space within the frame you may need to make some adjustmnts to the backing.

We sell simple frames that work great in our sand art tools & accesories section.