Our kits build on your imagination
for a one of a kind art experience.


But not Paint-by-Number

Our sand art designs give the artist a starting point and the freedom to make an original work of art.


A tactile experience

Touching, rubbing, spreading and sprinkling sand, folding and tearing paper, and etching designs.

Real Art making

Easy-to-learn techniques

We help the artist create custom characters, textured backgrounds, landscapes, and pop art designs while exploring and learning to blend colors. 

Fun images. Rich and vibrant colors. Interesting techniques that anyone can learn.

Not just for kids!  

Artists of all ages and abilities can create wonderfully expressive pieces of art from our basic designs.

Peaceful World Sand Art Kit
Ocean Friends Sand Art Kit
Day of the Dead Sand Art Kit
Reptiles Sand Art kit

What kids & parents are saying

“We had a lot of fun learning how to do sand art. The entire family was engrossed in the activity and we created a lasting memory together.”

“I was impressed by the quality of the materials and instructions. It’s clear that thought was put into the activity and it showed in the final results. My children enjoyed the craft and wanted to make more sand art afterwards.”

Sand Art: Adventures in a Child’s Mind

Approaching art as a story helps kids open up. Thinking about the animal or main character awakens children’s curiosity, helping them engage with the art on a more personal level. Making up a story enables children to relax and bring their daily experiences, along with their imaginations, into their art.